1. Brass Rubbings: Go on a brass rubbing scavenger hunt. You can print off the challenge from our website or pick up a copy from the South Canterbury Museum.
  2. Colourful Facts: Learn about Timaru's heritage, culture and environment. Download our colouring in pages with facts.
  3. Create, hide and find painted rocks.
  4. Explore the Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden at Caroline Bay.
  5. Find the species Rose Garden is at the Timaru Botanic Gardens, can you find a rose flower or hip? It's the 2nd largest collection in the Southern Hemisphere. The famous York rose is here.
  6. Follow the Shakespeare trail.
  7. Get wet: Go for a paddle in a river, Caroline Bay paddling pool, swimming pool or Caroline Bay. Slide down the Pontoon.
  8. Have a BBQ at one of the many free gas BBQs in the District. Try one at the Timaru Botanic Gardens, Caroline Bay or playground on ;Dobson St at Mulcahy Park.
  9. Make Wild art in the sand.
  10. Play43 Challenge: Find a playground you haven't visited before or for a while. How many challenges can you complete in one weekend? Can you visit all 43?
  11. Read a book under a brilliant tree.
  12. Sculpture Hunt: Have you seen the Aigantighe art Gallery WuHoo Signs? There are 3 at Patiti Point and 2 along the boardwalk at Caroline Bay. Visit the Aigantighe and be inspired. Check out the sculpture garden.
  13. Spy Penguins at Caroline Bay.
  14. Timaru Botanic Gardens Scavenger Hunt, grab a free copy from the South Canterbury Museum or Timaru Information Centre.
  15. Download the Timaru Scenic Drive, and tiki tour round 10 stops
  16. Visit Heritage Place on George Street, Pick up your FREE Timaru Scenic Route guide at the Timaru Information Centre. They also have WuHoo Hunts and Colourful fact sheets, birds, bees, bats and the Strathallan. Check out the sign for the Heritage Trails, plaque for Timaru's first European House, History Signs and Sculpture and Street Art
  17. Timaru Botanic Gardens has a wonderful collection of trees and plants. There is lots of living history to explore, information signs & WuHoo Scavenger Hunt.
  18. Visit the stony beach at Pātītī Point, find three WuHoo Art History Signs. When the tide is going out, walk along the shore line and find special stones on the beach. Walk, run bike the Hector Dolphins Coastal Walk
  19. Ōtipua Wetlands & Saltwater Creek has a great track, ideal for prams. Watch birds. Scoop up some wetland water and see what little critters are swimming around.
  20. Walk/Bike to Centennial Park. Visit all 4 playground sites and try the Play43 Playground Challenge, feed ducks from the jetty, take the bikes for a roll along the little kids loop or try the more challenging rides for the teens and adults
  21. Waitarakao Washdyke Lagoon is great to visit, especially at low tide. Investigate the creatures in the rock pools - we found an octopus there!
  22. Knock on the Blackett Lighthouse door, read the sign about the Benvenue Wreck and imagine the disaster unfold while a massive crowd gathered on the cliffs to watch helplessly from above. There is a brass rubbing post here, Coastal Track and excellent view across the bay.
  23. Take on the Caroline Bay Spy 100 Challenge, see WuHoo Art History Signs on the boardwalk, go on a Brass Rubbing Trail
  24. Aigantighe Art Gallery is free to enter and has wonderful exhibitions that are frequently changing. Pick up a Timaru Sculpture Hunt, and explore the sculpture garden. It's a peaceful park with beautiful old trees. Sit between the two lime trees and have a picnic.
  25. South Canterbury Museum Pioneer Hall is free to enter and has so many WuHoo's to list, it's best you pop in and check it out yourself. They have an awesome explorers club that kids can join to collect badges for their lanyards. Learn about the Districts history and environment. You can pick up free WuHoo Hunts and Colourful fact sheets, birds, bees, bats and the Strathallan, and the brass rubbing trail