Rangitata Huts - South

Balance along the white fence


  • Seesaw
  • Swings x2
  • Climbing pole frame
  • Vertical spinning platform


  • Bench
  • Right by the sea/river mouth area


  • Balance walk all the way along the white fence
  • Jump off a stump
  • Hang upside down from a frame
  • Twirl on the swing as much as you can then let go for a mighty spin
  • Seesaw brain drain. Every time you reach the top of the seesaw yell out a cartoon character. First one to not think of one loses. 
  • Watch all the bees/other pollinators in the tree in the corner (impressive but seasonal)
  • Leap on two feet over the white fence, can you do it backward (with caution please!)
  • Lie down and listen to the waves on the beach
  • Visit the beach and find the prettiest stone, most interesting peice of wood and smallest intact shell