Kennedy Park

Climb a mountain in 6 seconds


Play area one

  • Jungle gym (small)
    • General store
    • binoculars
    • Police car with steering wheels
    • noughts and crosses
    • Slides x2
  • Swing
  • Igloo shaped hill with tunnels
  • Maypole swing

Play area two

  • Slide
  • Swings x2
  • Toddler swing x1
  • Semi circular climbing frame
  • Rope swing (large)
  • Wooden platforms



  • Picnic tables x3
  • Bench x2
  • Rubbish bins
  • Dog friendly
  • Adjacent to skate park
  • Good for bikes/scooters
  • Large trees/birdlife
  • Room for balls
  • Rock walls, gardens, raised mounds
  • River nearby



  • Play hide and seek in the garden areas
  • Leap off 6 different materials or objects
  • Walk along and climb up some rock walls
  • Jump onto 6 different materials or objects
  • Imagine you are the captain what can you see through the binoculars
  • Sell something at the general store
  • Skip between the two playground areas
  • Soar through the air doing the biggest rope swing
  • Launch onto the rope swing after a big run-up 
  • Crawl in and out of every "igloo" tunnel
  • Spot 3 different birds
  • Ride in the skatepark
  • Pull a dance move on top of the "igloo"