Harris Place

Bound in two footed leaps around the fort


  • Wooden Fort/Jungle gym
    • Tunnel slide
    • Climbing poles
    • Swing x2
    • Rope swing
    • Basketball hoop
  • Balance beam (wooden)



  • Small amount of shade



  • Shoot 3 goals, run and do a tunnel slide. How fast can you repeat that 3 times?
  • Balance along the beam. Do it again sideways. Do it again backwards. 
  • Hide in some flax or pittosporum
  • Pull yourself up the black rope swing
  • Bound in two footed leaps around the fort. How many bounds does it take to go around? Beat your record
  • Bounce a basketball into the hoop
  • Swing high, every time you reach the top of your forward swing, say a county name out loud. How many did you get before you missed one?