Stratheona Huts

Swing in opposite directions, high five a friend


  • Swings x2
  • Slide
  • Seesaw



  • None



  • Spy Timaru Districts largest bike on the road trip to the playground
  • Start under the slide, race to the rusty drum and back to the finish line under the slide
  • Leap from a swing
  • Swing in opposite directions to a friend, high five on the way past
  • Eye spy at or near the playground
    • a cabbage tree
    • a poplar tree
    • the tallest/skinniest tree around
    • a chevron pattern 
    • a cow or sheep
    • a toi toi
    • a pittosporum
    • a broadleaf
  • Tumble through 5 roly poly's in a row
  • Make the funniest animal sound from the top of the slide