Conroys Cnr/Pleasant Point Hall Playground

Find a flag - give it your best salute


  • Tractor
  • Swing x1
  • Toddler swing x1
  • Seesaws x2
  • Small net climbing frame
  • Spinning turntable with triangle net
  • Small firetruck on springs
  • Small kids fort
    • tunnel
    • ladder
    • stairs
    • slide
    • balls on pole
    • car with steering wheel
    • climbing rope



  • Picnic table x3
  • Fully fenced
  • Rubbish bin
  • Fully fenced



  • Run your hand all the way along the corrugated fence. 
  • Spin really fast on the turn table
  • Find a flag - give it your best salute
  • Ride a little firetruck near a big firetruck station
  • Eye spy
    • A ladder on a roof
    • Two yellow people nearby
    • A cheeky monky in the playground
    • The words "Pleasant Point" in 7 places in the playground and nearby
    • 6 black circles
  • Leap like a frog from the tractor to the stairs
  • Find a bee. Listen - can you hear it buzz?
  • Work out which direction the wind is going
  • Tiptoe along the fenceline
  • Pretend to be ticketmaster and hand out tickets at the little window