Pleasant Point Domain

Run figure eight around two tractor tyres


  • Swings x4
  • Toddler swing x1
  • Seesaw x1
  • Tractor tyres x2



  • Picnic table 
  • Rubbish bins
  • Adjacent toilets
  • Sports fields adjacent with rugby posts and soccer goals
  • Dog friendly
  • Lots of trees, birds



  • Jump off a fencepost
  • Leap to the top of the small grass bank around the rugby field using a big run up
  • Hop in and then out of the tyres. Can you do two footed jumps in and out without tripping?
  • Run in a figure eight pattern around the rims of the two tractor tyres
  • On which of the "rainbow" swings can you go the highest
  • Touch 15 trees in 40  seconds
  • Kick a conversion over the posts
  • From how far away can you throw a ball and hit the rugby post cross bar?