Puriri St

Hang tough and conquer a tricky monkey bar


  • Slide x1
  • Climbing jungle gym
    • Ladders
    • Rope ladder
    • Chain link monkey bars
    • Climbing poles
    • Suspended stepping stones
    • Zipline
  • Vertical spinning platform



  • Small sloping grass area
  • Bench x1



  • Spy the tree with a furry/hairy trunk, what does it feel like?
  • Loop around the flaxes bushes in a big circle
  • Climb up the slide
  • Hang tough and conquer one of Timaru's trickiest monkey bars
  • Ride the zipline one handed. Can you do the other hand as well?
  • Spin one of the black suspended stepping stones in a circle in each hand making each one go in each direction
  • Race up the hill from the footpath to the fence. Puffed? Take big breaths in your nose and out your mouth.
  • Spot a large grey circle/wheel when looking out from the top of the slide. What is it?
  • Creep and crawl your way through the middle of the big triangle shaped tree?
  • Deliver your best drum roll on the side of the slide