Leckie St Dog Park

Pant like a pup from a castle bridge



  • Large jungle gym
    • 2 x slides
    • Zipline
    • Swing bridge
    • Climbing ropes and nets
    • Monkey bars (various) x3
    • Suspended stepping stones
    • Climbing poles
    • Firemans poles
  • Seesaw



  • Dog friendly (Timaru Dog park next door)
  • Fully fenced
  • Community orchard tree’s adjacent to playground



  • Imagine the fort is your castle
  • Find 8 different ways to climb up to the top of the jungle gym (ladders and slides only count as one)
  • Stand on every part of the playground equipment (except seesaw) without touching the ground
  • Race a friend down the side by side slides
  • Ask nicely to pat a dog going past
  • Conquer the three tricky monkey bars
  • Cross the stepping stones without falling
  • Fly across the zipline one handed
  • Bounce a friend on the seesaw
  • Perform your best dog bark impression
  • Hop all the way round the jungle gym. How many times did you have to put your leg down?