Timaru Botanic Gardens

Clamber down the climbing frame 4 different ways


  • Swings x6
  • Toddler swings x2
  • Slide 
  • Large climbing frame (cube shaped)
  • Spinning platform (circular)


  • Picnic table x1
  • Bench x1
  • Rubbish bins
  • Toilets
  • Tree's, gardens, birdlife
  • Aviary nearby
  • Sloping grass/greenspace



  • Roll down the big bank
  • Race down the hill without falling over
  • Count how many slides you can do in 2 minutes
  • Create a game involving the stump
  • Can you make all the swings go at once?
  • Find a cave/tent area in the nearby trees
  • Find some seeds
  • Make a dandelion chain
  • Hop from one end of the swings area to the other without stepping on a crack
  • Climb up and down the climning frame at least four different ways
  • Listen for the birds can you copy their noises?
  • Spin a yarn to the cockatoo 
  • Enjoy a family picnic