Aorangi Park

Climb to a great view and give a King Kong impression


  • Swings x2
  • Seesaws x3
  • Large, high climbing frame



  • Adjacent sports fields and netball courts
  • Bike and dog friendly area
  • Bench x2



  • Climb to the top of the frame
  • Act out your best king kong impression and/or yell the loudest "yeeha" at the top
  • Roll down the grassy bank
  • Play leapfrog from one end of the playground to the other. How many people can you get in a leapfrog chain?
  • Run up the bank, around a tree and back down. Repeat for 5 different tree's as fast as you can. 
  • Take some deep breathes, in you nose and out your mouth
  • Kick a round ball up the grassy bank. How many times in a row can you kick it without it going past you or over the top of the bank?
  • Hop on top of as many little yellow flowers as you can in 30 seconds with barefeet
  • Leap with two feet and land with two feet on one of the small wooden benches near the playground. Do it 5 times fast. 
  • Try to throw a ball all the way through the middle of the climbing frame without it getting caught in the middle
  • Push someone littler than you on the swing