Ashbury Park

Solve the mystery of the G-Max


  • Swings x2
  • Toddler Swing x1
  • Seesaws x4
  • Gymnastics Bar (various heights) x3 
  • G-Max McRandom Face Wheel Thingee



  • Bench x1
  • Rubbish bins
  • Lots of tree's 
  • Room for balls
  • Dog friendly


  • Solve the mystery of the G-Max
  • Touch as many different tree's as you can in 1 minute
  • Pull your best gymnastics move on one of the gynastics bars
  • Complete a chin-up. How many can you do?
  • Race a friend to the fence at the top of the hill and back
  • Relax with a picnic
  • Kick a ball around on the field or play catch
  • Find which tree is tallest
  • Climb in a small tree that is right beside a really tall tree near the playground
  • Bounce a friend on the seesaw
  • Give someone you don't know a friendly compliment
  • Roll a ball down the hill toward the gymnastics bars. If you roll it through the middle one 3 points; through the left one 2 points, right one 1 point.
  • Play again from further up the hill.