West End Park - North

Smile through a sun


  • Rolling drum
  • Swing x1
  • Toddler swing x1
  • Small rocking horse on spring
  • Small jungle gym
    • Zipline
    • Slide
    • Ladder
    • Steering wheel
    • Climbing poles
    • Noughts and crosses



  • Benches x3
  • Toilet adjacent
  • Rubbish bins
  • Fully fenced and gated
  • Adjacent sports field with soccer goals
  • Playground most suitable for younger children



  • Give the horse a cool racing name
  • Share in a game of noughts and crosses
  • Run fast on the roller drum. Can you do it with a friend?
  • Play a game of football next door
  • Walk barefoot on the grass
  • Run along dragging a stick or cabbage tree leave along the fence railings. What sound does it make?
  • Twist the swing ropes up while you sit on it - then unwind for a big twirl
  • Make the best driving noises while steering the wheel
  • Eye spy in the playground equipment
    • 1 sun 
    • 1 small triangle 
    • 1 large triange
    • 2 different circles
    • 3 rectangles
    • 1 tube 
    • 3 squares
  • Climb through the yellow circles and even along the top
  • Stomp or jump to make the loudest noise on the metal platform 
  • Corkscrew climb up the pole ladder
  • Twirl around 30 times really fast then run to the other end of the playground