Alexandra Square

Tip Toe around the fountain edge


  • Swing x1
  • Toddler swing x1
  • Climbing Frame
    • Monkey bars (curved)
    • Fireman's pole
    • Chain nets
    • Climbing poles (various)



  • Picnic table x3
  • Bench
  • Rubbish bins
  • Fountain feature
  • Tree's 
  • Large grass area



  • Balance walk right around the fountain edge
  • Find two tree's with twisty branches
  • Swiing halfway around the monkey bar then manoeuvre to slide down the pole
  • Spot the nearby building that mirrors the central feature of the fountain
  • Learn the names of four different trees
  • Jog a full lap of the grass area slalom running around trees as you go
  • Climb up both chain nets
  • Pull yourself up the firemans pole to the platform
  • Skip around the base of one of the twisty tree's
  • Using the line of tree's by the countdown fence, go all the way along by moving like a different animal between each tree. Mum and dad could call out a different animal at each tree. 
  • Count how many corners there are on the flat edge of the fountain
  • Walk, balancing, up the two straight yellow poles onto the platform?