Centennial Park Pond

Creep up a spider web and spin a yarn from above

This playground is different. All the equipment and amenities are spread around a walking path circling the central pond in the scenic reserve. The challenges relate to all equipment in the loop around the pond. The equipment is listed in order. 


  • Blue hollow circle spinner
  • Swings x2
  • Slide (blue/green down hill)
  • Tyre Swing
  • Fort with Rope Swing
  • Swings x2
  • Jungle gym
    • ladder
    • Slides x2
  • Climbing wall
  • Climbing chain web
  • Vertical spinner platform
  • Stepping stones (suspended)
  • Circular basket swing



  • Picnic table x11 (spread around pond loop)
  • Benches x5 (spread around pond loop)
  • BBQ facilites x2 (at jungle gym and between pond and carpark)
  • Toilets (near carpark)
  • Rubbish bins



For the walk between play equipment

  • Tiptoe over the first bridge, stomp over the second, strut over the third, do your silliest walk over the fourth
  • Spot as many different kinds of birds as you can
  • Spot a butterfly a bee and another 3 insects
  • Take some painted rocks to hide
  • Stand on top of three large boulders
  • Rub your hands on a bed of moss - describe how it feels


At the playground equipment

  • Walk, walk sidways and jog around the edge of the blue holow spinning circle
  • Play beneath a huge pine tree near two swings off on their own
  • Zip down a big green/blue slide 6x as fast as you can
  • Create a slide train of people. How many can you get to go down in a line together
  • Swing off the fort on the rope swing
  • Chat to a duck
  • Stand on the tyre swing
  • Shout your best battle cry from the top of the fort
  • Share a secret with someone underneath the fort
  • Bound on two feet backwards across the black mat beneath the tyre swing. Go across without landing on a crack
  • At the two swings, swing on your tummy
  • Sit besided the pond and spot 3 different types of duck
  • Sidestep and squiggle in a run around the bunch of trees between the swings and the pond
  • At the next playground cross the suspended stepping stones
  • Climb from the stepping stones onto the platform (through the circle hole)
  • Race a friend down the slides
  • Sneakily swerve (on the ground) between the suspended stepping stones without touching the chains or balls
  • Spin yourself as fast as you can
  • climb a wall to peek through a window
  • Push through some willow curtains nearby
  • When you are in the willow hop between some large boulders in a secret garden by the pond.