West End Park - South

Dash up a hill and back down again


  • Basketball hoop
  • Swings x2
  • Seesaws x4
  • Slide
  • Climbing wall



  • Dog friendly
  • Large grass areas
  • lots of tree's birdlife
  • Rubbish bins
  • Picnic table x1
  • Bench x1



  • Stand balancing on the seesaw
  • How many tree's can you touch in 60 seconds?
  • Take deep breath's and think about your run. Could you touch more tree's if you went again?
  • Bring along a bike to ride, a ball to kick or dog to play with
  • Roll down the massive hill, run back to the top
  • Play a game of tag
  • Give someone at the playground a compliment/make a new friend
  • Crouch down then leap as far as you can like a frog
  • Stand on one leg and freeze. How long can you stand there for?
  • Find a kowhai tree. Think of the names of four other colours or tree's in Te Reo
  • Invent a new game involving a ball and the basketball hoop
  • Swing the highest without a push
  • Spy three things that fly? Where would you go if you could fly for one day?