Anysley/Rhodes St

Traverse the wobbly rope bridge


  • Circular basket swing
  • Swings x2
  • Small immovable and hilarious duck
  • Jungle gym
    • Monkey bars
    • Zipline
    • Climbing rope
    • Ladder
    • Parallel bars
    • Balancing Rope Bridge
    • Slide
    • Small pole bridge
    • Fire pole
    • Climbing net
    • Chinup bars (various heights)
  • Basketball hoop and small court



  • Bench x2
  • Rubbish bin
  • Room for balls
  • Some trees



  • Swing with friends in the basket swing
  • Touch every part of the jungly gym without touching the ground
  • Traverse the wobbly rope bridge
  • Salute a nearby flag
  • Play a game of hopscotch
  • Spot a tree trunk stuck in a fence
  • Do the fastest zipline
  • Play a game of cricket or softball
  • Take a photo with the duck 
  • Hang or swing from 8 different bars
  • Crab race across the grass (sideways on all fours)
  • Count how many red bars are in the playground
  • Crawl under 3 low wooden platforms
  • Throw a ball the highest
  • Pull yourself up to complete a chin up. How many more can you do?