Dampier/Tasman St

Turn all of the blue balls using only your feet


  • Swing 
  • Toddler swing
  • Netball hoop
  • Painted cricket wicket on backboard
  • Jungle gym
    • Climbing wall x2
    • Ladders
    • Chin-up bar
    • Monkey bars
    • Balance beam
    • Slide
    • Tunnel
    • Climbing tree
    • Roller drum
    • Balls on slide poles
    • Fire pole
    • Steering wheel



  • Bench
  • Rubbish bin



  • Pick 2 yellow and 2 white flowers with your toes
  • Jump off the beam and onto the monkey bar
  • Find some lichen
  • Run around the swings mat sideways
  • Run around the jungle gym mat backwards
  • Turn all of the blue balls using only your feet (use different colour if smaller)
  • Leap from the swing mat to jungle gym mat without touching the grass
  • Hurdle over the balance beam (or smaller pole next door)
  • Jump two footed onto the balance beam then jump backwards two footed to get off. Repeat 7 times
  • Conquer both climbing walls
  • Find some funny faces at the playground
  • Complete a chin-up. How many can you do in one go?
  • Find something with the letters FH on it
  • Swing across monkey bar in one direction, turn and swing across the other way without coming down