Gleniti Park

Sidestep your way through 10 wooden posts


  • Seesaws x2
  • Swings x2



  • Bench x3
  • Toilets
  • Wide grass area
  • Fenced from road
  • Adjacent buildings of interest
  • Adjacent bush area and walkway



  • Play leapfrog around the large bush beside the playground
  • Hurdle over the chain fence
  • Spy an odd row of orange bricks surrounded by stone nearby 
  • Find Mrs M Breeze near a cherry. While you are there think of as many different names for the wind as you can.
  • Find a hollow tree
  • Sidestep your way through 10 wooden posts
  • Stand frozen like a statue amongst the tree's on a stump on a nearby walkway
  • Find a secretive bit of playground equipment nearby. (Note: Not official council equipment. Parents responsibility)
  • Hop between some stumps on the walkway
  • Balance walk across the mid bar for the 3 seesaws
  • Spy a dog wearing a bandana. Tell him about the best thing you did today. 
  • Bounce 2-footed through every square of the black mat around the swings. Can you do every square without stopping?
  • Crawl in a race across the grass with friends.