Lindsay St

Peek out of the tunnel 


  • Swing x1
  • Toddler swing x1
  • Small Fort
    • Slide
    • Sliding balls
    • Tunnel
    • Noughts and Crosses
    • Steering wheel


  • None


  • Find Lindsay Street Playground (Timaru's most secretive playground)
  • Beat mum or dad at noughts and crosses
  • Follow the secret pathway to the golf course - spot a gateway made of tree's. Maybe its a photoframe for you?
  • Have a long jump competition
  • Have a running race
  • Find a pinecone
  • Practice roly poly's or cartwheels
  • Crab walk in a circle all the way around the playground
  • Rattle the chains - describe the sound it makes
  • Spot a bee or butterfly
  • Peek out of the tunnel