Can you read the signs?

Here are the answers for "Can You Read The Signs" from our Timaru Botanic Gardens Scavenger Hunt

  1. Q: Where were the seeds collected from for the Turkish Red Pine at the War Memorial?
    A: Pareora Golf Course
  2. Q: What makes this area different to “all other areas of the Botanic Gardens”?
    A: Can smell, touch and even pick a flower or twig
  3. Q: What flower is like thy face?
    A: Primrose
  4. Q: By what name did the “Anderson” of Anderson’s Rose Garden fame go by?
    A: Waiter
  5. Q: As of 2002, how many plant species in NZ were considered at risk of extinction?
    A: 445
  6. Q: In which civilisations herbal manuscript were Dahlias recorded?
    A: Aztecs
  7. Q: More than how many different types of Eucalypts exist?
    A: More than 600
  8. Q: What is the name of the Scotsmen that Charmichaelia plants are named after?
    A: Captain Dugal Carmichael
  9. Q: Where does Hamlet’s Willow grow?
    A: Aslant a brook
  10. Q: What date was the foundation stone for the fountain laid by M. Jonas Mayor of Timaru?
    A: 21st June 1887
  11. Q: What year was the Sister City Garden 10 year commemoration plaque laid?
    A: 2009
  12. Q: What girls name is also the genus name of New Zealand's largest flowering plants?
    A: Veronica